Terms and Conditions


Good to know:

Miniature golf is suitable for everyone ages 4 and up.
The playing time of one game of miniature golf is approximately 75minutes.
A maximum of 6 players are allowed per course.
Consuming your own refreshments is unfortunately not allowed.
It is an outdoor activity.

Drugs and alcohol use

The use of drugs is not permitted. If drug use is suspected, the staff of Midget Golf Course Parkhaven reserves the right to not allow the person in question to play and to request that they leave the premises. This also applies to excessive alcohol consumption.


Midget Golf Course Parkhaven does not hold itself responsible for theft and/or damage to personal property. Bringing valuables is done at your own risk. There are no lockers available. Under no circumstances can you leave your belongings with the staff behind the bar.

Own risk

Participation in the game is at your own risk. Bodily injuries sustained while visiting Midget Golf Course Parkhaven cannot be recovered from the company.


Instructions and directions from the staff must be followed at all times. If these are not followed, the staff of Midget Golf Course Parkhaven reserves the right to remove you from the venue.


Midget Golf Course Parkhaven reserves the right to recover damage to its property from the instigator or the person responsible for it. This includes misuse of the fire alarm and damage to fire prevention equipment. In case of theft, the police will be called in.

Do you have a question?

Bell: +31 (0)10 476 56 16