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Rules of the games

Mini golf is a nice game with simple rules for young and old.

  • The objective is to make it into each hole in as few strikes as possible. Each strike is 1 point.
  • If the ball doesn’t make it into the hole, the player must take the next shot at the spot where the ball is situated.
  • A ball situated closer than 20 cm from the edge/obstacle may be put 20 cm from the edge/obstacle for the next strike.
  • If the ball jumps off the lane:
  • Before the first obstacle: resume the game from the starting point
  • After the first obstacle, put the ball on the spot where the ball left the lane. Of course you may put it 20 cm from the edge.
  • In case of b, you must write down one extra strike.
  • If the ball rolls back behind the starting point, you may resume the game from the starting point
  • You have 7 attempts to make it into a hole. In case you don’t succeed, you must write down 8 points.
  • If the ball doesn’t pass the obstacle within 3 strikes, you may put the ball behind the obstacle if the obstacle isn’t the hole itself. You must write down one extra strike
  • You may enter the lane for your strike, it is however not allowed to walk over the lane
  • The person with the least amount of strikes after 18 holes is the winner.

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