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General conditions

  • It’s an outdoor activity
  • Mini golf is suitable for everyone, as from 4 years old
  • One game takes approx. 75 minutes
  • 6 players per lane are allowed
  • It is not allowed to enjoy your own food/drinks
Drugs and alcohol

It is not allowed to use drugs. On suspicion of drugs use the employees of Mini Golf Parkhaven are entitled to refuse the person involved and remove him/her from the building. The same goes for excessive alcohol use.


It is not obligated to make a reservation. We, however, recommend to make a reservation if you wish to play at a certain point in time. You make a reservation for the number of persons joining the game.

Changing or cancelling

You can change or cancel your reservation until max. 5 days before start of the game. In case of change or cancellation within 5 days before start of the game Mini Golf Parkhaven reserves the right to charge the booked number of participants.

Starting time

We kindly request you to arrive at least 10 minutes before start of the game (starting time is the time mentioned in your reservation confirmation). In case you arrive too late, Lasergame Rotterdam can’t guarantee it can reschedule the game at another point in time.


Mini Golf Parkhaven is not liable for theft and/or damage to personal properties. You are responsible for bringing valuable properties. We don’t have safes. You can leave your bags, coats etc. in the instruction room. You can’t leave your properties with employees running the bar.

Own Risk

Participation is at own risk. Physical injury as a result of a visit to Mini Golf Parkhaven can’t be recovered from the company.


Participants must, at all times, follow the instructions and directions of the employees. If not, the employees of Mini Golf Parkhaven reserve the right to remove you from the instruction room, bar or arena.


Mini Golf Parkhaven reserves the right to recover damage to her properties from the causer or the person involved, inclusive of fire alarm abuse and damage to fire precaution means. In case of theft, the police will be warned.


Winter closure

We are closed. We will be open again from spring break!