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You can play midget golf at Mini Golf Parkhaven. We offer an arrangement for any party, family outing, corporate party or bachelor party. Combination is our strength! All attractions can be combined and booked on this Website.

Moor at the Parkhaven for an unforgettable Rotterdam outing at Mini Golf Parkhaven. It is the starting point for a successful outing and the centre of a wide range of attractions on and at the Parkhaven. The quay is the point of departure of Splashtours and Segway Rotterdam. A restaurant and Lasergame Rotterdam are situated on the boat ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’.

Groups larger than 20 persons can visit by Zwarte Zwaan Events.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf Course Parkhaven is located on a beautiful spot in Rotterdam, next to the Park and the Euromast. Play a nice game of minigolf of +/- 75 minutes at the 18-hole course!

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  • Per person: € 6,00

Lunch & Mini Golf

The Mini Golf Course at Mini Golf Course Parkhaven consists of 18 holes and is situated on a wonderful and romantic location in the centre of the bustling city Rotterdam, hidden between foliage, next to the wonderful Park, at...

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  • Per person: € 19,50

All-you-can-eat BBQ & Mini Golf

Hungry after a game of mini golf? Settle down on the cosy terrace for a delicious BBQ! Every Saturday and Sunday you can easy combine the mini golf game with an unlimited barbecue buffet.

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  • Adults: € 31,00
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 21,00

All you can eat grill & Mini Golf

In this restaurant you will enjoy a nice and various grill menu. The cook stands behind the grill and the waitresses will serve the nice dishes on your table. For a small additional cost you will enjoy a nice...

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  • Grill menu, per adult € 31,65
  • Grill menu deluxe, per adult € 37,50

Pancake boat & Mini Golf

The Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake boat) is situated in the same area as Mini Golf Parkhaven.During the round trip you will enjoy a wonderful view of harbour and city. You will observe a part of Europe’s largest container port. Amongst others...

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  • Adults: € 27,00
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 22,00

Drinks & Midgetgolf

The Mini Golf Course Parkhaven consists of 18 holes and is situated on a wonderful and romantic location in the centre of the bustling city Rotterdam. It is a nice place to play mini golf to enjoy a bite and a drink on our sunny terrace. Terrace Parkhaven offers 120 seats.

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  • Per person: € 15,50

Splashtours & Mini Golf

Splashtours is the most remarkable and unforgettable way to discover Rotterdam. After a city tour the bus will ‘splash’ into the Maas, next to the S.S. Rotterdam. The bus will continue as boat, in a rather special way! After...

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  • Adults: € 33,00
  • Children 4 up to 11 years: € 25,00

Hop-On Hop-Off & Mini Golf

Spot the highlights of Rotterdam with City Sightseeing Rotterdam. City Sightseeing Rotterdam is a Hop-On Hop-Off tour in an bus which you often observe in big cities. Get in and discover Rotterdam in a stylish way. The bus will...

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  • Adults: € 27,00
  • Children 4 till 11 years: € 17,50

Escape Room & Mini Golf

Drink after playing the escape room a drink in the cozy bar. Just chat and relax. But stay in your role of a secret agent. It can be used well with laser tag. The adrenaline of playing the escape room...

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  • Midgetgolf: € 7,50
  • Escape Room: € 99,00

Spido & Mini Golf

Spido is ready for you when it comes to sail in the Harbour of Rotterdam. You can get in this boat around the whole year for a short but powerful impress of the containerharbour with the harbour tour from...

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  • Adults: € 21,45
  • Children 4 till 11 years: € 15,90

Segway & Mini Golf

Travel through Rotterdam on a Segway. With this unique vehicle you will easily conquer the Erasmus Bridge and cover kilometres without getting tired. Find your balance and become one you’re your surroundings. Escape daily stress and enjoy the wonderful...

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  • Per person: € 55,00

Euromast & Mini Golf

You must definitely visit the Euromast. When climbing the Euromast, you will observe Rotterdam from above! Mini Golf Parkhaven at the foot of the Euromast. No need to travel far! From the Euromast you walk straight into the Euromast...

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  • Adults: € 17,75
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 14,25

Miniworld & Mini Golf

Do you already know Miniworld Rotterdam? Miniworld Rotterdam is a very nice attraction for both young and old. You will step into a miniature version of Rotterdam. Trains are everywhere. There is a lot to see! Miniworld Rotterdam is...

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  • Adults: € 19,45
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 15,75

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Winter closure

From 29 October 2018 to 22 February 2019 we are closed.

From 23 February 2019, we would like to see you back on the course!

Construction of the Maastunnel

From 3 July 2017 until the summer of 2019 the Maastunnel will be closed from north to south. The Maastunnel is 75 years old and ready for a renovation.

Please take into account extra travel time.

For more information on the accessibility of Rotterdam, visit

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